New Video: “Please Hold” by Harea Band

harea band

Ottawa’s very own Harea Band just released a new video for their soulful slow burn of a track “Please Hold.”

Sometimes a music video doesn’t have to be complicated. Have the band set up in a simple room and watch them jam out to a track they wrote and love and let the song do the talking. That is exactly what the band did for “Please Hold” with some help from local mister do-it-all Jeff Watkins.

There are a few creative elements beyond just shooting the band playing, such as a phone on fire, but the beauty of this video is the KISS strategy. Keep it simple stupid. Just wonderfully shot video of the band playing and singing along. I must admit though, my favourite part is the look on the guitarist’s face during his solo… priceless. Well don’t just take my word for, check it out below and groove out with Harea Band.