New Video: “Mannequin” by Malak


Malak Ghanem – as a musician, simply known as Malak – has one of the most powerful and impressive voices I have heard in all my years of going to concerts in Ottawa. And now with the new video for her song “Mannequin,” she has some dazzling visuals to accompany it.

Much of the video is shot in the picturesque fall setting of Gatineau Park, specifically at the beautiful Carbide Willson Ruins. If you have never hiked there, I strongly recommend making the trip any time of year. It is one of the many hidden treasures of the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

As the song progresses, the video jumps from dance-inspired chase scenes as a man chases Malak throughout the ruins, to shots of Malak standing in front of ruins and waterfall belting out the song like only she can. “Mannequin” is the first song on Malak’s debut EP Circus which was released last year. Watch the video below watch to find out if Malak is caught by the person chasing her.

Be sure to go see Malak live during MEGAPHONO on Wednesday, February 1st at Le Petit Chicago (info here) and fall in love with her voice in person.