New Music: One fifty five by Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas


New kids on the block Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas have released their debut album One fifty five.

Some of you may recognize Chris Landry from his other project the much heavier The Glorious Moonrockets or as that super friendly long-haired guy in a leather jacket at seemingly every punk and metal show in the region. But with One fifty five, Landry and his Seasick Mommas showoff that he is no one trick pony as they explore a range of country and folk sounds.

The first full track, “Writing to explain,” opens with slow guitar picking and the crisp sound of cracking open a beer. This sets the stage for a sad and lonely album tinged with country and folk songwriting of old. This is not your modern day upbeat pop-country or folk that currently floods (or should I say, clogs) radio airwaves and arena shows. This is music made from a darker and lonely place with pure honest emotion and sentiment oozing out of every verse. The steel string guitar really adds beauty to this melancholy, especially paired with Landry’s hurting yet comforting voice.

“Yukon nights” is a temporary shift away from sadness and towards the old folk tradition of telling a tale in song. The duets with Kerri Carisse (of The Yips) during the chorus really elevates the track, adding that extra dimension to the tale. Almost sounds two parents giving advice to their children of a younger generation.

If you are looking for something a little more, dare I say “pop-like,” you need to sink your teeth into the song “2 bedroom apartment” which reminds me of Wilco’s lighter side. Upbeat music with sad lyrics, nice harmonies, and great guitar work. This is especially true near the end of the song when Landry sings “I want to hear you coming in at night / I want to yell at you to turn off the lights / And I even miss those fights and I can tell you now that you were right / In that 2 bedroom apartment / You’re gone and it’s getting late / I sit and I stare and I’m starting to fade.”

After getting this close to Landry through his songs, it is only fitting that the album like a relationship ends with a break-up song. I don’t know you Laura, and I am in no way picking sides. But your leaving certainly left quite the hole in Mr. Landry’s heart.

Have a listen to One fifty five below and go hear it live this Friday, May 12th at Irene’s Pub. More information here.