New Music: More Butter by Mushy Gushy

mushy gushy pop

Ottawa’s one and only butt rock band (self-described) Mushy Gushy just released their second EP called More Butter, which also happens to have “butt” in the name…

What is butt rock, you may ask. Well, Mushy Gushy’s sound can best be described as a good blend of experimental garage pop with the occasional hint of surf rock. It makes for some good time rock that makes you smile, bob your head, and maybe even sway your hips. It’s perfect for those hot summer days on the way to the beach, but also excellent for those warm summer evenings on a patio or at a cottage.

The experimental side of things is very present from the get go in the opening track “Around the Bend” from the effects on the vocals, the reverb on the guitar, the well placed whammy bars and the smattering of sound effects subtly lingering in the background.

My favourite track on More Butter is track three, “Schemestress.” This pop number is very catchy both musically and lyrically. Lines like this “I could move mountain babe I’m just going to need some time / I could guess what you’re thinking but I can’t read your mind” are simple but greatly crafted and very relatable feelings to many of us, I’m sure. That is often what really makes a song. It is not always about complicated progressions and incredible prose—sometimes the best medicine is music you can just put on and sing along with while you relate to what the writer was feeling at the time.

Now go put some toast in the toaster, boil some corn on the cob, and pop some popcorn because all the the butter you need is on this album, which can be streamed below.

Be sure to catch Mushy Gushy on the Claridge Homes Stage at Ottawa Bluesfest starting at 4 pm on Saturday July 15th. More information on passes here.