New Video: Calypso by Squerl Noir


Local Francophone hip-hop artist Squerl Noir recently dropped a new video for his track “Calypso.”

The black and white video is centered on Squerl Noir as he raps his way through the track focused on duality and introspection within the chaos of the world. Directed by Antoine Simard-Legault of Lonely Fire Productions, who has worked with other local artists like Flying Hórses, the video features some very cool camera work shifting and blurring Squerl Noir’s faces around as he repeats the lines about drowning in the chaos. It really amplifies the message.

There is also a nice subtle touch of water overlay during certain sections of the video which I can only assume is a homage to Calypso, who in Greek mythology was a nymph who captured the Greek hero Odysseus for many years and is often represented by the sea.

Check out the video for “Calypso” below and keep your ears peeled for Squerl Noir’s next single due to be released in early 2018.