Music Maker Fair and Trade Show focuses on local industry development


“What the Music Maker Fair is able to accomplish is really remarkable. It’s a totally grassroots event that showcases the support ecology that’s available for local musicians. Whether it’s formal training, instrument repair, professional development, or even just new relationships with industry you’re looking for, this event is a one-stop shop,” says Nik Ives-Allison, the General Manager of Ottawa Music Industry Coalition.

In December, 2016, the Independent Music Business series launched a music maker fair and trade show as part of its monthly music industry series. On February 10, 2018 the event is back, this time partnered with MEGAPHONO, and taking place during MEGAPHONO’s Saturday program which includes many performances at the Record Centre, General Assembly, Elmdale Tavern, Bar Robo and Origin Arts Community. Details can be found here

Whether you head to Capital Rehearsal before or after catching a performance, the maker fair will provide a different kind of music experience.

Displays at the first edition of Music Maker Fair and Trade Show. Photo by Zachary Spence from Capital Arts Productions.

“Ottawa’s Tetra Speakers will be showcasing their world class ‘Listening Instruments’ in an isolated listening room this year at music maker fair. Everyone is invited to bring in their latest release and the Tetra folk will happily play it for you,” says Adrian Butts from Tetra Speakers.

“Happy to return to the Music Maker Fair this year—it’s always awesome to check out what other businesses are up to in town as there are so many innovators in this city. For me as a videographer, music biz consultant, and marketing person I love telling people about visual branding and hearing about what ideas they want to bring out…. and I usually bring a bunch of VR stuff so ppl can ride a roller coaster or two,” says Lesley Marshall from MAVNetwork.

“SGMGroupArtists is an Indie label based out of Ottawa. Our mission is simple, basically we seek out, sign, and develop young artists. We are a family of creatives, focussed on the development of future world class artists. We are excited to share the spotlight with many other creative entertainment related businesses at The Music Maker Fair and Trade Show. We look forward to forging partnerships and becoming another cog in the wheel that is an ever growing community in Ottawa supporting and promoting some of the best talent in the world,” says Steve Gardiner from SGM


Info and Vendors

February 10, 2018
12pm to 4pm
Capital Rehearsal Studios – 250 City Centre Ave # 202

Event and map of the space

Full list of vendors:

  1. !earshot Digital Distribution
  2. Algonquin College Music Industry Arts
  3. Andrew Robillard
  4. AOE Arts Council / Conseil des arts AOE
  5. Atelier Guitar Repairs
  6. Audio Valley
  7. Bandbiz
  8. Canadian Independent Music Association
  9. Carleton University – Music Programs
  10. Danielle Allard Music
  11. Edwards PC Creative Law
  12. Folk Music Ontario
  13. Folkrum – Ottawa Community Music Venue
  14. Girls+ Rock Ottawa
  15. Instrument Tube
  16. Jumpin’ Joel Flash & The Magic Machine
  17. Low Noise Productions
  18. MAVNetwork
  19. More Than A Song Studios
  20. Musician’s Breakthrough
  21. National Campus Radio Association
  22. Ottawa Arts Council
  23. Ottawa Beat
  24. Ottawa Explosion Weekend
  25. Ottawa Music Industry Coalition
  26. Ottawa Regional Writers Group
  27. Pop of Colour
  28. Possible Worlds
  29. SGM Group Artists
  30. Spins & Needles
  31. Talent Rich Entertainment
  32. TARA (The Audio Recording Academy)
  33. Team Vibration Studios
  34. Tetra Speakers
  35. Tev Sound

Byron Pascoe is an Ottawa-based entertainment lawyer with Edwards PC, Creative Law. Byron works with musicians, video content producers, and authors, among other creative professionals and businesses. He’s a former television producer who grew up in Nepean, now lives in Stittsville, and works out of Westboro.