Sun rises on the first annual Beach Party Festival

subtle curves

Ocean. Sand. Speedos.

Summer days at the beach should be celebrated for many reasons, but you won’t find those things at The Rainbow this weekend. But what you will find is a fun beach-themed mini-festival organized by members of The Tackies.

The first annual Beach Party Festival kicks off this Friday through Saturday (August 10th and 11th) and features some great bands from Ottawa, Montreal, and even Chicago and Seattle. Hans Vivian-Wenzel of The Tackies has curated a lineup that will keep party people nice and warm, with acts such as Subtle Curves, Jon Cohen Ex, North By North, Alberta, and yes—you guessed it—The Tackies.

“The past few years we’ve wanted to throw a beach party at The Rainbow, because we love that venue,” explains Hans. “It was usually smaller scale with just us and a few other bands. But this year we wanted to go bigger. I’ve always wanted to start a festival of my own, so I figured starting in a venue this year was a good starting point. It leaves a lot of room to grow each year, which is the goal—maybe even having a stage outside at some point.”

“I just really like the beach. I think it’s a concept people really like—especially here in Ottawa.”

Hans hand picked some bands that he’s worked with in the past, and wanted to keep things simple. 

“The bands that I’ve booked are really nice and kind, and people I just really enjoy in the industry,” he says. “We just want to party and have a good time with everyone.”

Another key aspect of this festival is that the organizers won’t be taking any additional cut or profit from ticket sales. That means that all bands will be splitting the revenue generated fairly, with 100% of ticket sales going to artists. This approach reinforces the concept of just doing music for the sake of music, and having fun while doing it.

“It’s not top-down, everyone has a say. We just want to do this together. It has been very cooperative, and we discussed set times and stuff like that with all the bands before making final decisions.”

Three bands are coming in from out of town, while the rest of the lineup is Ottawa-based. North By North (Chicago), Alberta (Seattle), and Jon Cohen Ex (Montreal) are all coming in to participate in the festivities. Hans met Jon Cohen while working behind the bar Bar Robo a while back, and that performance made a lasting impact. 

“They were some really cool guys and their music is great, so I was so excited to have them on board with this one. I love their live show.”

Hans has his sights set on moving this party outdoors in the coming years, but The Rainbow’s raised stage and open space will allow for the first Beach Party Festival to kick-off just right.

On top of the live music, there will be prizes, games, and Niko Mantha spinning some jams to keep the dance party going all night. 

So be sure to dig out those Hawaiian shirts, beach towels, flip flops, and swing on down to The Rainbow this weekend. Just don’t bring your surf board. It won’t fit up the stairs. 

Two-day passes are available for $20 in advance, and can be purchased online through the Eventbrite page. For more information, check out the Facebook event here.