New Video: Death Monster by Black Galaxy

black galaxy

Ottawa heavy-metal “supergroup” Black Galaxy recently released an explosive new video for their track “Death Monster” with footage that will blow you away.

Black Galaxy is comprised of members from HELLbros! (Josh Roy on drums) Suns of Stone (Jordan Putinski—who was guitarist in Suns—but does vocals in Black Galaxy) and The Wicked Mercy (Dave Nado on guitar and Mark Sudiacal on bass). They layered heavy riffs and booming vocals over five different 1950’s cold war era nuclear war propaganda films & various news reels in the video for “Death Monster.”

The opening monologue of a military commander telling a large group of soldiers that “young men such as you… are doing most of the killing, American boys… you are killing your own people and your yourselves…” sets quite the tone. The rest of the video produced by local legend Jason Vaughan, and features amazing black and white footage of people running for cover in fear and a multitude of explosions.

One of the coolest portions of the video is just after the three minute mark when residents of Ottawa will recognize the scenery. Vaughan found Ottawa-specific scenes which show vehicles crossing the Alexandra Bridge and as well as an explosion rolling through the Rideau Canal Locks near the Chateau Laurier. The footage was pulled from the 1958 film called The Lost Missile.

Check out the video for some rocking riffs and a blast from the past: