Weekend Music Picks: Nov. 16-18

Weekend music picks (48)

Friday, November 16

The Planet Smashers, Cardboard Crowns, Quinnzelle, The Fly Downs at Mavericks

GO LOUD band au Minotaure

Plastic Farm, The Pale Light, The Monotymes at Live On Elgin

Chandra – New Chance – Klapshmock! at Black Squirrel Books

the SPECIAL INTEREST group LIVE at Irene’s

Riddim UP at Elmdale Tavern

Saturday, November 17

Yukon Blonde, The Zolas at Bronson Centre Theatre

Kaia Kater with s/g Kimberly Sunstrum

Milk & Bone au Minotaure (Complet)

Cloud Of Rock LP Release Bash at Irene’s

Sunday, November 18

Monique Barry & Marc Merilainen at Bar Robo

Mark Fossen and Rachel Beck at Lottie’s