Weekend Music Picks: Nov. 16-18

Friday, November 16

The Planet Smashers, Cardboard Crowns, Quinnzelle, The Fly Downs at Mavericks

GO LOUD band au Minotaure

Plastic Farm, The Pale Light, The Monotymes at Live On Elgin

Chandra – New Chance – Klapshmock! at Black Squirrel Books

the SPECIAL INTEREST group LIVE at Irene’s

Riddim UP at Elmdale Tavern

Saturday, November 17

Yukon Blonde, The Zolas at Bronson Centre Theatre

Kaia Kater with s/g Kimberly Sunstrum

Milk & Bone au Minotaure (Complet)

Cloud Of Rock LP Release Bash at Irene’s

Sunday, November 18

Monique Barry & Marc Merilainen at Bar Robo

Mark Fossen and Rachel Beck at Lottie’s

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