My Friend PJ recently released a new music video for an alternative version of his track “Throw Me Away.”

The video begins with PJ turning on a reel to reel with a fire crackling in the fireplace behind it. The rest of the video is comprised of cut scenes of PJ alone in a studio room singing and playing all the different instruments (synth, keys, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tambourine, etc.) of “Throw Me Away.” The fact that he is all alone in the room playing every instrument himself only adds to the solitude and melancholy of the lyrics of the song. I really like the minimalist and more simple approach to the video as it doesn’t distract you from the music and creates the feeling that you are in the room for the making of the song. It is has a little bit of a voyeur feel to it, but also the feel of just hanging out in the studio with a pal who is working through a great track for the first time.

The alternative version performed in the video is a little more on the electronic side than the original, opting for drum machine like beats from the synthesizer over drums, as well as the layering of the keys in the background. The original can be heard on My Friend Pj’s latest EP Don’t Give My Love Away released earlier this year and featuring three other greats tracks. Check out the video for the alternate version of “Throw Me Away” below and then go have a listen to the original to compare.