In the era of Soundcloud rappers and living room production, it can be difficult to find rappers who strike the right balance between original flow and beat selection. With his new single “Residuals,” Capé finds that balance.

Capé burst onto the city’s rap scene in 2018 and made it to Shifter Magazine’s list of top 10 Ottawa rappers last year.

He dropped the track on Jan. 10 and surprised fans with a softer vibe than they are used to hearing.

The Egyptian-born artist continues to show off his knack for lyricism, but the slower tempo and smooth, mellow beat take over this heartfelt single.

The chorus guides the flow of the song, piercing emotionally vulnerable hearts everywhere with the lyric, “go ahead and find your love, you can go start again.” He artfully moves from the soft, trance-inducing chorus to subtle but impactful bars for over two-and-a-half minutes.

If there’s one thing so far that Capé is gaining a strong reputation for, it’s his lyrical expression. In the last few years, he has demonstrated his growth as an artist and songwriter in his past songs and freestyles. This song shows his intent to try something new and move out of his comfort zone.

The great thing about being part of the journey of a young artist is feeling connected to their process, and Capé hopes that his introspective new single will speak to his fans like it did to him.

“This song has helped me outgrow a lot personally,” Capé said. “I have complete belief that it can help so many other people out there. It’s a product of half a year’s worth of work behind the scenes with the team, and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.”