Francophone rapper D-Track, known for his slam talent, dropped a music video for his song “Donne-moi du Véro” on Jan. 21. The song itself is featured in his 2019 album, Dieu est un Yankee.

Produced by Thom Loois, the video serves as a reminder of D-Track’s great lyrical capabilities. The video itself might not have a crazy production budget, but it doesn’t fail to capture the audience as it follows D-Track to the galaxy on your TV screen. D-Track’s song critiques the saturation of stars in current media, while the music video seems to focus on the consumption habits of people, with frequent shots of a mannequin seemingly chilling in front of a TV.

As the song progresses, the state of the mannequin becomes worse as cigarette butts and empty cans start pilling around it. By the end of the video, the mannequin is on the ground, its head burnt with a cigarette in its hand.

With stunning visuals that are perfectly matched with the beat and D-Track’s lyrical skills, “Donne-moi du Véro” was filmed at the new DIY arts space Cinqhole in Hintonburg, and serves as proof that great visuals can be achieved without using over the top CG graphics as long as the song and video content is captivating.