Content warning: sexual assault, violence against women, domestic violence

Ottawa’s indie-electronica duo, Paragon Cause, are back with an awesome new video for the debut single “Lost Cause” off of their upcoming album What We Started scheduled to drop in April 2020.

The band is once again working with the renowned producer/songwriter Sune Rose Wagner—a Danish pop music legend, best known for his band The Raveonettes—to deliver dark compelling synth driven music. Their first single, “Lost Cause,” is certainly no exception and reinforces that the band has no hesitations when it comes to covering very heavy subjects through their art.

This intense yet dance-able song is about the cycle of violence and what it will take to get those who commit these acts the same or equal punishment as those who live with the scars of domestic violence and sexual assault. The band describes the song as “an anthem for anyone who wants justice.” And with the following powerful lines belted out by Michelle Opthof to the perpetrators you can see why: ” Crushing souls to replace things you’ve lost / The damage is done / The scars remain you should have to pay / More than them.”

The video for “Lost Cause” opens with footage from an old news broadcast playing on a tube television alone in the dark at Cinqhole, with the anchor sharing statistics about violence against women. Through out the video there is further footage from old interviews and movies featuring men speaking condescendingly about and towards women. The video has a very 80s new wave vibe to it thanks in part to its stripped down nature and colourful florescent tube lights shining on the duo as they perform on their synths.

Check out the video below and stay tuned to Paragon Cause’s Facebook page for live streams and an eventual album release.