Hull’s mind-bending experimental outfit Fet.Nat have just released their first-ever music video for the song “Your World is my Mystery Gift II.”

The song appears on their seminal 2019 album Le Mal, which garnered high praise across the country for its berzerk compositions and defiant, boundary-pushing musical style. The album was also short-listed for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize.

The lyric video—made by local visual artist André M. Bluteau—is not jam-packed with imagery or transitions. Each moment in the video stays on the screen longer than our attention spans are used to, and in turn, the imagery causes the viewer to ponder the mystery contained within.

“Seeing this video made us realize that the song is not about now. It’s about the future. The mystery. Whether good or bad, the current experience, and the potential outcome, resonates deeply with all of us,” according to the band.

In the video we see an elderly man, a sea of plastic garbage, and what appears to be a densely populated slum. One can’t help but think about the future, and the current collective fate we ultimately make for ourselves—individually and as a species. There is an urgency to the tone of the video, and ultimately a sense of uncertainty for what the future holds.

Check out the video below and listen/purchase Le Mal in vinyl and digital formats here.