Local hip hop artist LeFLOFRANCO, or FLO to his friends, is back with a powerful music video for his latest single “On en a assez!”

As an artist you have a choice of how you decide to use your voice and your craft. You can sign about heart ache or partying with your friends, you can put people down or raise them up, you can go on about how good your life is or you can call out injustices and inequalities. In “On en a assez!” FLO uses his platform and art for the later. He has had enough with racism, sexism, selfish egotistical actions, corrupt police and he is here to tell you about it.

The video lets the words do the talking as FLO delivers the blows alone in a dark dimly lit room. In a very powerful and unifying twist though, FLO seamlessly transforms into a young black man wearing a hoodie, then into young white women, a black woman and other cross sections of society all delivering the same message. They have had enough and they want to see changes. This is not a one sided request but a call to action from all sides of the coin. They are sick of the injustices, sick of the divisive politics, sick of the racism, sick of us against them and worried for the youth. FLO’s message may not be new, but this song really rings true in the wake of front-page news about the senseless race driven murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and the murder Breonna Taylor at the hands of police while she slept in her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

“On en a assez!” is the lead single off of FLO’s first full-length album Force inhérente. The video was directed by Amissi Baininwa, the artistic vision is a collaboration between INTELLO-PRODUCTIONS INC., Chantal Racine and Dope Quality Productions. Watch the video below and be sure to check out FLO’s new album.