Ottawa’s soul and R&B magicians Slack Bridges are back with a new video for their smooth and groovy jam “Next in Line.”

The video is absolutely perfect, or awful, in the COVID context depending on your level of Zoom/video-chat fatigue. It features 12 video squares, 11 with musicians and one text box, eerily similar to how many of us spend our work days.

Where the video shines though is in the little things some of the performers do in their tiny square. From lead vocalist Matt Gimour’s classic fist pumps and subtle dance moves, violinist Maddy O’Regan’s infectious smiles and dancing, to the show stealing saxophonists, Julian Selody constantly whittling his wooden reed, and Brady doing dishes in his kitchen throughout the video. Those two make it hard for you to look anywhere else, you’ll most likely need to watch the video a few times.

Musically “Next in Line” is tight, smooth and complex yet very digestible with Matt’s deep soulful voice pulling it all together. Exactly what fans of Slack Bridges have come to love and expect of this great band. This is the first release off of their upcoming album Lindenlea to Ledbury set to release September 14.