warp lines

the dirty nil

The Dirty Nil, Dead Soft, & Warp Lines at Babylon

Photo by Steve Gullick Back in November, I made my way through the vast, smoky, U-shaped venue that is Babylon Nightclub.

NB’s Motherhood ready for the long road, hits Ottawa Nov. 8

Fredericton, NB, may not be the biggest music hub in Canada, but it’s home to the noisy, mind-melting art rock


OXW Day 3: Warp Lines, WLMRT, & Mardou

Photos by Sara Osmanovic This being my first time at Ottawa Explosion I didn’t know what to expect except for

Street Eaters, Warp Lines & The C.H.U.D.S. at Bar Robo

Photos by Sara Osmanovic The closer it drew to 8:00pm, the more the feeling of knowing something good will come