Herd Mag release, a night worth celebrating (photo gallery)

Herd Mag

In the weeks and months leading up to the Herd Mag release party, I had created an idea in my mind of what the magazine itself would be. Having contributed an article to the first issue, I knew what the spirit of this unique new mag would be: raw, provocative, with local intellectuality seething from its pages. But what does that mean? How can a few people throw together some words, photos and art and realistically expect to have a publication that captures the essence of Ottawa’s cultural nuances? Not that I was skeptical, but this was certainly no small feat.

But founders Steph Vicente and Pat Bolduc weren’t fucking around either. I had been in touch with Steph for a few months before I actually got to meet her and Pat at the Arboretum Festival in September. I immediately felt the passion they were putting into this magazine. Excitement and ideas began to unfurl as we talked, and the anticipation that I had for Herd Magazine grew into a need for it. I simply couldn’t wait any longer for what was to be the new and definitive publication for people like us – those who give a shit about Ottawa, it’s artists, it’s creative visionaries, and those who make this city an interesting and desirable place to be.

As the author of the article titled “The Unconventional Playground” in the first issue, I was originally looking forward to having my first published work included in a magazine. I felt proud about what I had written. But this began to change as the first issue of Herd started coming together, with the release date of October 12 getting closer. I can say now that my sense of pride completely revolves around the team that brought this together and the quality of work that went into making this magazine a piece of art in itself. The final product is incredible – not only for its aesthetics and articles, but because the hard work that went into it is so blatantly obvious with every turn of the page.

I have a tremendous respect for Steph and Pat, as well as the other contributors who poured some of their soul into Herd. You don’t always meet people like that. Herd Mag will become a mainstay for Ottawa and the arts community not only because it is relevant and necessary, but also because it is symbolic (and perhaps the product) of an artistic renaissance here in the nation’s capital. Things are happening here that demand to be heard, read, seen and experienced. That’s why it isn’t going anywhere.

I won’t say too much about the release party for Issue 01 held at Fall Down, just that if you weren’t there then you should have been. Lineups down the block, beats filling the gallery and drinks to celebrate the culmination of the work put into this magazine over the last 7 months. DJ INA was in charge of spinning all night, and Amos the Transparent played a great set as always (the cello always gets me). The raffles were lots of fun, although I didn’t win. I was so impressed with the turnout, it really showed how many people are in support of this kind of publication. Awesome night all-around. I still think there should be a release party for every issue… just saying.

Here are some totally unprofessional photos of the night’s events. Enjoy.