New Video: Roberta Bondar – Night Danger + Album Release Mar. 22

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Yes, more new music. Last month Ottawa’s Roberta Bondar released a teaser video for the first new single from their upcoming full-length release from Bruised Tongue. The song itself is filled with moments of hectic intensity from the band and bellows from frontwoman Lidija Rozitis that provide the perfect preview of what to expect from the new material soundwise. The video was shot on location at the Kichissippi Brewery, and it uses some pretty interesting techniques by Hard Science that I fully do not understand… hence why I’m not in video production. But it really works especially given the nature of RB’s music, which involves a lot of experimentation with sounds, effects and instrumentation. RB will be releasing the album digitally and on cassette March 22, and have planned a shindig to celebrate the release on that night at Cafe Alt on campus at Ottawa U. Cheap beer, good music. Sounds good to me.

Here’s the video and some details about it!

From Roberta Bondar’s upcoming release on

Bruised Tongue (


Filmed in one take on January 5, 2013. Performed live and featuring live CRT video feed manipulation.

Directed by Travis Boisvenue.

Concept by Arturo Brisindi (Hard Science) and Travis Boisvenue.

Live video manipulation performed by Hard Science.

Recording Engineer: Eric Roberts.

Mixing Engineer: Sam Seguin.

Mastered by Jarrett Bartlett.

Locations graciously provided by the people at

Kichissipi Brewery (

Find Travis Boisvenue here:

Find Hard Science here:

Roberta Bondar here:

Thanks to Paul, Sheena, Liz, Chris at Kichesippi.

Thanks to Celia, Cait, and Kenneth.