Big Eyes, Male Nurse Band and Tropical Dripps at Pressed on June 12

big eyes-male nurse-tropical dripps

Big Eyes, a female lead punk rock trio from Seattle, Washington played a really fun set Wednesday night at Pressed.

Lead singer and guitarist, Kate Eldridge, can really shred and has an awesome voice to boot.  From the first song, “Losing Touch” to the end of the show, the band rarely stopped for anything but a drink of water.  I had never heard them before, went mostly to send off Male Nurse, but was pleasantly surprised with how much I got into their up beat rocking tunes.  My favourite song was “I Don’t Care About Friday Night,” an awesome tracks about my favourite day of the week (check it out below).

Before Big Eyes, was the Male Nurse Band. Many of you know Male Nurse as Davey Quesnelle, currently a member of Pregnancy Scares and Steve Adamyk Band (old schoolers might remember him from his days in Robot Kill City and Million Dollar Marxists).  Safe to say Davey has been in the Ottawa scene a long time and this was his last show as Male Nurse.  After a 9 year run as a solo artist it was time to call it and focus on his two other very good bands. They opened with “Building a Boat” and played a few other songs before Davey spoke up. “Here are more songs you’ll never hear again and you probably never heard before,” he said with a big grin. He constantly thanked the crowd for coming out. The high energy set was concluded with “No One’s Happy” with the band and then “Everything’s Amazing” as Davey picked along alone on his guitar and sang the last words ever by Male Nurse, ‘“Everything’s amazing, no one’s happy.”

Tropical Dripps and their distorted noisy surf punk styling got the evening off to a start. The Ottawa trio played some great tracks and some wicked jamming instrumentals. I really enjoyed their song “Sun Dripps,” just enough dance with the right amount of loud.

This was a pre-Ottawa Explosion show, and just got me itching for the festival to start on June 19th!

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