Ottawa Explosion Day 3: The Mandates and Chit Chat at Vetigo Records

the mandates


The Mandates played a great set at Vertigo Records in Ottawa June 21, while back in their home town of Calgary flood water raged through the streets


This private and intimate Friday afternoon show, for festival pass holders only, was a great start to my third day of Ottawa Explosion Weekend. There is something very special about seeing a show in a record store, the ambiance is just perfect.


The Mandates, played a mix of old and new songs at the front of the record store. I enjoyed ”Daggers Girl,” but I would have to say the highlights were the new songs ”Suspicion” and ”Have You Seen My Girl.”


Before The Mandates was Chit Chat from Detroit, Michigan. The band can really groove. Their set started with a wicked instrumental piece. My favourite songs was ”ATTITUDE,” off of their new 7”. Guitarist/Vocalist, Izzy Johnson, did not talk too much, but did say ”Canada is way cleaner than America.” Chit Chat play at 3 pm on Saturday at Club Saw, go check them out.


The only thing that might have been better than the music was the looks on people’s faces walking by and stopping to see what was going on.