Ottawa Explosion Day 4: Jetty Boys, Direct Hit and Dee Cracks at Mugshots


I would like to preface this review by saying a got throw up drunk and moshed my rowdy little heart out, thanks Matias and Phil!

So with that in mind, the Jetty Boys were awesome!

The power pop punk group from Sheboygan, Milwaukee were great. I had so much fun dancing around like a lunatic to their set. Songs like ”Gimme My Heart” and ”Hang Up,” were just perfect. Lead singer of the Jetty Boys, was familiar looking as I had seen him play in Sugar Stems earlier. The man can really rock out on his guitar. The band did not disappoint as the closing act to the big day.

Someone brought left overs of the inflatable palm trees from the New Swears show and people threw them around and sword fought with them.  Good times!

Direct Hit!, also from Milwaukee nailed it. They were infectious and even though I had never seen them, I was moved to do my best to sing-a-long as I picked up the lyrics. Their sound will do the same to you, so go see them and catch the bug.

Dee Cracks may be the band that traveled the farthest to play Ottawa Explosion, coming from Klagenfurt, Austria! They had so much energy and had me hooked right away. Loved the tracks ”Adderral,” ”Ritalin for Lunch” and their closing track ”Do Anything.”

The night was a crazy and rowdy good time. Thank god Sunday shows didn’t start until 2:30 in the afternoon.