Video: Ottawa Explosion hangover? White Wires play 2 songs at OXW Afterparty

The White Wires, Ottawa, indie, Ottawa Explosion, OXW

The following was posted by Ottawa pop-punk band The White Wires‘ Facebook page, and it’s awesome. Notice Caylie of Boyhood filling in for Allie Hanlon on drums?! The sound is totally muffled, but the party is all there.


After 4 days, and nearly 100 bands, this year, on the Saturday night of the Ottawa Explosion, at about 2am, some of Ottawa’s finest thought it would be a really good idea to have an after party in Phil’s house…and to get the White Wires to play. Obviously, we agreed. Even though Allie couldn’t make it from California, we got Caylie to fill in on the drums.

At 3am, about 200 people showed up to Phil’s house. and Phil’s house turned out to be an apartment. We did 2 song sets to make sure we could cram it all in. Robot’s Everywhere played 1, the Mandates played 2, and then the White Wires played 1.5 songs. 

I’m not kidding, it was hilarious! So much fun. This one will be with me forever. Here’s an idea of how crazy it was!!!