Funhouse! Voicemail & Babysitter + DJ’s Craig Peru & Skid Vicious!

Voicemail rocking out at Mugshots Friday August 9th.

Friday August 9th was a night of goodbyes and hellos. My best friend Alex was taking off to Yukon for his master’s so my bro and I, plus Tom of Jackpine went to Ahora for some grub. Philip and Alex had not seen each other in ages, so it was pretty awesome to get both of them together.  We then ventured to the Laffayette for some pitchers. You are probably wondering what this has to do with Ottawa music… Well let me tell you. Alex and I headed over to mugshots for a sweet night of punk rock at the jail, thanks to Voicemail, Babysitter, DJ Craig Peru and DJ Skid Vicious.

When we arrived the DJ Craig Peru was still spinning punk beats. We grabbed a drink and settled down to chat a little more.

Babysitter playing and their fans drinking.

From the first strum, Babysitter had me hooked on their grungy garage-punk with raspy vocals. The band from Victoria, British Columbia, who I discovered at Ottawa Explosion, rocked out.  But they don’t just play bitchin tunes, the lead guitarist plays them on a absolutely gorgeous transparent guitar. These gents are always a pleasure, so do yourself a favour and check them out next time they are touring.

Very much worth noting were the awesome visual effects shot on the wall by the old school overhead projector being used.

It was time for Voicemail to rock our socks. Beauty garage rock was blaring in my ears and my feet could not stay still. They played a great set jam packed with sweet tunes, I really liked ”Dangerous” and the new song ”Talk to Me.”  Anyone who has read my reviews of Voicemail knows I love their song ”Riot.”  They saved it for last and sent us all off into the night thinking ”Riot, Riot, I want to Riot!”

Skid Vicious finished up the night spinning non-stop rawk. Ottawa Explosion & Kichesippi Beer presented this event, which was the 4th edition of Funhouse! Another wonderfully successful evening at Mugshots.

Skid Vicious laying down the post show beats.