Direct Hit, Stuck in a Hole and Fresh Hell @ Luneta

Direct Hit bringing it at Luneta.

Milwaukee’s awesome Direct Hit rocked Luneta Thursday December 19. The show also marked Ottawa punk rockers Stuck in a Hole’s final performance.

How does one begin a set when visiting Canada? “Grab your Toonies and let’s get Loonie,” said the band. That was not the last of their satire of Canada.  After a few songs they simply began apologizing for no reason no stop and then laughing aboot it. Other than that though, the boys from Direct Hit! played an amazing set full of wicked punk rock tunes that had people singing a long the entire time. Some of my favourites from the night were “Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces)” an older song that wiped the crowd into a riot (very entertaining to watch people mosh when the floor is so wet from winter boots) and “White Robes,” which you can watch live just below.


Stuck in a Hole playign their last show.

As mentioned this was Stuck in a Hole‘s final show. There is something very strange about seeing a band for the first time, when it is the last time. However, they usually go out with a bang, which leads to a very entertaining show. Let me tell you, Stuck in a Hole did not go quietly. The three-piece were all sporting top hats as the set began with “Halifax Tier” and people with sparklers. Throughout the in your face hardcore punk set, there was silly string attacks, confetti being shot in the air and even a pause for a piñata. The band looked like they were having an awesome time, making it feel much more like a celebration than a funeral. A prime example was their coordinated jumping and then can-can dancing where you could not smack the smile off their faces. The boys ended their set with the gruesome song “Knife,” which is about cutting of your own arms. As the song ended, the last words spoken were, “Fuck you we’re stuck in a hole.”


Opening the night was another local act, Fresh Hell. The band played some sweet punk rock with two very raspy singers, something I love. This was also the first time I ever saw Cory Levesque in a band as opposed to a bleeding heart solo acoustic artist.  The tunes were great, specifically “Pick Up the Pieces.”

PS: Thanks to Christopher Cook for the videos.