Interview: DJ Matt Tamblyn talks SILK’s one year anniversary party

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So what do you get when you cross classic R&B anthems, a trio of badass DJs, and a sexy, sweaty atmosphere on Valentine’s day? No, not some weird sex romp. You get SILK‘s one-year anniversary party at Raw Sugar Cafe.

DJs Matt Tamblyn, Eric Roberts, and Matty McGovern have Ottawa wrapped around their fingers and know how to make people dance off their tough work weeks. I have to also mention that I absolutely LOVE the logo, web graphics circa 1995 are ingrained in my brain and bring back fond memories of 24.4 k dial-up modem sounds. I spoke with Matt Tamblyn about SILK one year in and what to expect from the boys in the future.



Friday, February 14, 2014 (Valentine’s Day)
Door at 11PM
$5 before midnight

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1. Now that Silk is one year in, how do you feel like it has evolved? 

Silk got its start in an intimate setting at Raw Sugar, away from other venues, so the following developed in a really organic way. Since that time we’ve had the opportunity on special occasions to bring the party elsewhere, widening it’s exposure. So after a year I think more people are aware of the party, even if they haven’t been yet. We’ve had a great deal of fun nights spinnin’ as DJs, so I’d like to believe there are some great memories out there among attendees as well.

Throwing a genre-specific party is really helpful as a music fanatic because it allows one to create some focus in music digging; I’m sure Matty and Eric would agree. In the early months of Silk it was still about amassing the ultimate collection of R&B classics, the hits. Now after a year of research, a lot more of the digging surrounds rare album cuts and whatever’s making waves in the present. This allows us to tell a story describing the evolution of the genre.

2. As one of Ottawa’s more active DJs, why is Silk special to you? In what ways does it differ from your other projects?

I think there’s a good list of Ottawa DJs more active than myself but as far as Silk is concerned, it’s special to me because it’s everything you hope for when planning a party. It’s a great crowd of people who are simply there to enjoy the music and each others company away from the typical club atmosphere.

When you start DJing you’re often hoping a promoter or venue will give you a shot, which is a necessary part of the come up. But as time passes, it can really be rewarding to take on more creative control.

3. Do you, Matty McGovern and Eric Roberts have anything special planned for the anniversary party at Raw Sugar?

There are many secret special plans in the works, possibly some merchandise. Very likely some giveaways from our amazing partners at Maru. But really it’s just going the celebration of a year of great times: playing all the classics and the hot new joints bringing it back to Raw Sugar on Valentine’s Day, exactly a year to the day from when it all began!

4. What’s your absolute favourite R&B jam to spin?

Although it might be out of the mix for a while just so that I can bring it back in the future: “Return of The Mack” by Mark Morrison has to be up there without a doubt, a true masterpiece.

5. Is it safe to say that Silk is here to stay through 2014 and beyond?

I think we have way too much fun throwing the party for it not to continue. Look out for Silk in Summer 2014.

Much thanks to Matty and Eric and Nadia from Raw Sugar as well as anyone who’s been to Silk or had a part in it in any way.