New Music: Bonnie Doon An Affair to Imagine EP


Local punk/post-punk/whatever band Boonie Doon released their first EP called An Affair to Imagine on Bruised Tongue yesterday, Saturday, June 28, when they played a massive show with Pregnancy Scares and White Lung at House of Targ. They’ve already released the EP on bandcamp, and this band teleports me to a time when pizza was good for you because it contains all four food groups and sleepovers didn’t include hangovers the next day.

Here is their message to us: ◢ ◢ ◢ Bonnie Doon was born under the full moon in the eighth month of the twelfth year of the pizza. We came from outer space to wag the dog. ◣◣◣


The band brings about a similar emotive reaction as The Pixies or early Nirvana: one part a little fucked up and esoteric, and two parts amazing filthy, bang-on instrumentation that can cause mass hysteria. I’m really excited to see where these ladies take this band, as their music is pretty different and genre-defying.

Check out this snippet from their interview with Alanna Why for CHUO Radio Active about the recording process and the Ottawa scene:

Lesley: We separated the recording process because some of us weren’t in town, so that was a learning curve. 

Keltie: We recorded drums first and I nothing to go off of, so Sarah sang all the parts into a microphone which was fed into my ears going na na na na and I somehow knew what she was talking about. 

Lesley: There’s a lot of great women in the scene and it’s fun to be a part of that and part of the scene in general and also see other women do awesome shit and be like “hey sweet!” A lot of people are jazzed on our band, I think because there was a lack of female presence in the Ottawa scene, so I’m really honoured to be seen as a mentor for the scene. It’s super rad, and I’m stoked to see more women and men playing music together. 

Listen here to hear them talk about the urban legends of Pizza Shark and more. Check out the EP below!