New Video Melts Our Hearts: “Popsicle” by Average Times


This could arguably be the summer of Average Times, who’ve had a pretty good one so far. They released their self-titled LP in the spring, they played Ottawa Explosion, Ottawa Bluesfest & a number of shows in southern Ontario. On Wednesday, the new video for their album’s first track “Popsicle” was premiered by none other than

Punk from the garage, along with a feel-good summer song that features all the male kissing & drums in the garden you could want. The self-directed video features the flavours of popsicles we’ve all loved over the years, and includes the dangerous sport of rolling over frozen spikes in your underwear. It’s this type of display that I’d love to see in their videos for “Snakes” or “I Hate Tomato Juice and I Hate You” or “Wasted on Wine.” Hopefully this DIY backyard edit is a preview of more fun to come.

I strongly recommend getting the vinyl of Average Times,available at Hosehead Records. This long play had already been my “gotta work but can’t concentrate” theme, as well as our morning ritual when we needed a boost near dawn. So now to have it on wax is a treat, which we still blast at 5:30 a.m. when some of us have those early shifts. It also unfortunately makes you thirsty for wine, and inevitably later in the day for a Mr. Freeze, so you know — listening responsibly.