Photo Evidence of Where The Songwriter Writes by Jamie Kronick @ OAG Annex


On Saturday Aug. 30, the OAG Annex at City Hall opened a photo exhibit by Jamie Kronick, a local musician and photographer. As a drummer, he’s wound¬†a¬†path throughout Ottawa alongside¬†several other artists including Laurent Bourque, Her Harbour¬†& Goodbox Assembly. As a photographer, he’s shot his ass off, as any good photographer should, and taken the time to compose and document along the way.¬†It’s a through a combination of his two designations¬†that Jamie Kronick brought the¬†exhibit¬†The Songwriter to life.

In 2010, the series began as his graduating series at the School of Photographic Arts (SPAO) where Kronick graduated in 2011. The collection on display now showcases 20 of these portraits but the total number is actually 27. Kronick is a photographer who understands his opportunities as they come as well as his subject. The singer-songwriter is a type of artist well know for public expression but less celebrated for creative introspection. There are thousands of moments that lead to the live show or the recorded album to which we are not privy. Being able to convince 27 of this species to be relaxed in these most intimate moments, which they might prize more than most, is a feat.

Songwriters create their work in the comfort of their bedrooms, living rooms, offices or studios, each unique from one to the next. These spaces function as a bridge between an idea and its materialization into music. This series acts as a documentation not only of persons, but also as a visualization of the relationships that take place among person, place and process. РJamie Kronick

We’re invited to see The Songwriter in his or her creative cocoon as documented by Kronick from now until Oct. 12. The mix is both of¬†emerging and well-known musicians, each in a room that fits her or his¬†expression¬†of distance or intensity. This Thursday, Sept. 4, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. join¬†Jamie Kronick, and potentially several of his subjects, for the vernissage. Check out the video that Herd Magazine put together below.

Amanda Rheaume by Jamie Kronick
Mike Dubue by Jamie Kronick