Ottawa Showbox’s Favourite Local Releases of 2014


Again, 2014 was quite the year for music in Ottawa. We realize that it’s next to impossible to say which album was better than the others, but we do have a list of the albums that seem to come up on our playlists more often. These are not the “winners” of the year but they are dear to our ears and we’d like to tip our hats to those that made them happen. Check out these¬†sweet full-lengths and EPs, support these locals if you can, and enjoy the weather by putting these tunes in your pocket. Vive le six un trois!

New Swears¬†–¬†Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever

Jeepz¬†–¬†Open Sunday

Musk Ox¬†–¬†Woodfall

Steve Adamyk Band¬†–¬†Dial Tone

Big Balade – Big Balade EP

Flight Distance¬†–¬†High Priests of Low Life

H. de Heutz¬†–¬†Study for Violence and Tape¬†

Bonnie Doon¬†–¬†Bonnie Doon EP¬†

G. Grand¬†–¬†Grand Designs

Kalle Mattson¬†–¬†Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold¬†

Tindervox – Tindervox

Dead Weights – Dead Ends & Closed Doors

Silkken Laumann – Not Forever Enough

The Yips – Air Loom

Jon Hynes – Watchful Creatures

Amos The Transparent – The Cold Escape


Fresh Hell – We Never Sleep

Mother’s Children – Lemon

Roberta Bondar – Caustic

Bosveld – Catalysts Mixtape

The Creeps – Eulogies

Pith & the Parenchymas – Song of the Neverending Ugly Lizard

Steamers – Steamates EP

Tropical Dripps – Cool Dude

Fet. Nat – Poule Mange Poule