New Video(s): The Haig’s Triplets


A couple weeks ago the world was apace with gift hunting and a great checking of lists. Ottawa’s The Haig, meanwhile, gifted the world not one, not two but three music videos from Dec. 20 to 24th.

Two acoustic renditions of their own “Chinese Maria” and “Devil’s Got a Gun” by Whitehorse were filmed at the Ottawa Marriot Hotel’s penthouse during dusk. The videos were filmed by Mike + Ness Photo in only one or two takes, judging by the light. Both videos were released the day before the solstice and can be viewed here:

The Haig’s “Chinese Maria”

The Haig’s cover of Whitehorse’s “Devil’s Got a Gun”

In the spirit of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, The Haig has created From the Crawlspace, a series of short videos that will be featured inside a crawlspace somewhere deep in the bowels of a haunted asteroid. The first of these videos was released on Christmas Eve, wishing us a merry one and a “Haigy New Year.”

From the Crawlspace #1

The Haig will be playing next in Montreal on Friday, January 16, at Barfly and next Sunday, January 18, at the Record Centre.