New Video: “Crash Course in Therapy” by Steve Adamyk Band


Steve Adamyk Band released a new video for the song “Crash Course in Therapy” off their latest album Dial Tone as they took off to tour Europe.

Ottawa’s punk rockers are playing 19 shows across the pond and the new video gives a glimpse into elements in the life of a touring band. The video is all red on black and features cars driving in the city and the countrysides, spinning records, cassettes playing, a clock quickly turning, a goat, distortion, and cuts to Adamyk’s mouth singing or hand strumming. Drummer Dave Forcier directed the quick hitter video that clocks in at 1:41.

Watch the video below, and all you European readers or vacationers should really try to check them out at one of their stops. Treat them well Europe, we want these boys back in good shape for Ottawa’s wonderful punk rock season, a.k.a. the summer.