New Music: Yusso – Don’t Know Yusso


One name in Ottawa’s hip hop community that stands out as one of the most hard-working is Yusso. Some of you may have heard of him just through collabs he’s done around town with some of the city’s best MC’s and producers, including the electrifying project CrooKid Bass with KING. Yusso’s new 6-track mixtape, dubbed Don’t Know Yusso, is a quick onslaught of tracks that clocks in at just over 15 minutes. Don’t Know Yusso is everything one could want out of a mixtape. It has a dash of funky tracks with irresistible rhythm like “Late Nights” and “To Whom It May Concern” that throw us back to Golden Era hip hop, impressive flow the whole way through, and lyrics that aren’t only intelligent, but also tell a story.

The mixtape includes production and mixing by KING, Matt Bennett-Hall and Lachlan Doyle. We also get to hear his CrooKid Bass compadre KING featured on the track “Flex for the Sake of Flexing,” which makes sense given their undeniable chemistry. Having seen Yusso’s incendiary live performance with CrooKid Bass, there’s no doubt that these tracks will blow audiences away live. The only frustrating part about this mixtape is its brevity. However, he plans on releasing a full-length LP later this year entitled Road To New History which will include the leading single also titled “Don’t Know Yusso”. Check out the mixtape below below.