Local record label Uncle D Records‘ latest release is the excellent punk rocking album Vigilante by Cross Dog.

Cross Dog is a three-piece ball of anger out of Peterborough playing hardcore-inspired punk rock. They do it a little different though, as they are just drums, bass, and vocals — no guitar. Vigilante is full of rage and societal commentary blasted over the thumping and driving drums and bass. Cross Dog is certainly for fans of Big Dick and early Death From Above, but they are not a carbon copy of those bands.

The first yell at the start of the opening track “Hot Shark” sets the tone for a ruckus-filled album that at only seven songs leaves you wanting more, or just leaves you plenty of time to play it again and again. I can’t help but love their song “Progress“, which is very openly critical of people who only care about dressing punk and who support bands with questionable lyrics simply because they are popular. The second verse just nails it: “I don’t care, I don’t hear what you’re saying to me, I’m programmed over progress. A life thought-free is the life for me, apathetic but fashion conscious.” The rest of the album continues on the same path and it capped off by the title track “Vigilante.” I hope this review doesn’t anger them so they don’t wage war and unleash their justice on me.

Listen to the album below and see Cross Dog live at Ottawa Explosion during the Uncle D Records Showcase at House of TARG June 18th.