New Music: Jonathan Becker & the North Fields – Cigarettes, Strings, and Other Breakables


Jonathan Becker & the North Fields recently released a new EP titled Cigarettes, Strings, and Other Breakables.

Canada’s premier kite flying ensemble also happen to be an excellent local alt-country band. This is the latest release for the band, who have not put out any new music since January 2014. The four-song EP is lead by Becker’s signature raspy vocals, which have come to be somewhat of a staple in the Ottawa music scene. One thing I love about this particular project is how different it is from the members’ other bands Dead Weights and Fresh Hell. This just goes to show how punk rockers at heart often aren’t just a one-trick pony, and pursue other projects that fulfill their creative ambitions.

The stand out song from the album is “Tiger Lillies.” Becker’s lyrics tell a story that many can relate to – of someone they may know, and teleports them into the room with the female subject. Something about the imagery of her smoking an American cigarette while writing short-stories is very captivating from the very start. What really takes the song over the top is the great work on the keys by Laura Sinclair, which is complimented by guest violinist Marlena Pellegrino and pedal steel guitar by Tom Thompson.

Check out the EP below.