Thirsty Thursday: Acadian Groove by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery


Beer: Acadian Groove by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Style: Canadian Maple Porter
ABV: 10%
Pairing: An Acadian inspired music playlist

About the Beer

Acadian Groove received a 98% on rate beer. I would have to completely agree. A perfect blend of maple and vanilla throughout. If you dare put it on vanilla ice-cream, I would call you a hero. If you can still find it at your local LCBO, please treat yourself to one of my favorites this year. With the sugar shack season upon us, you will not find another beer as perfect to bring along your snowshoe adventures into our Ontario maple forests.
For those of you that know me, I’m a proud Acadian. When I saw the beer on the shelf, no price point would have been able to stop me running to the cash, purchasing said beer and hugging it like a long lost Acadian family member.

Growing up in New Brunswick, I know how deeply the music roots reach down in our hard fought soil. I would marvel at my great grand uncles tap their feet as they gleefully played the violins to get everyone dancing at our family reunions.

But the thing is about roots, they usually grow out of the soil and spring up all these branches. Each branch having its own beauty. So is the musical diversity in the Acadian contemporary music scene. From Cayouche with his “of the people’ brand of folk to Les Paiens with their fusion post rock grooves that have inspired many Acadian musicians to explore all musical avenues.

This all brings me to our featured group. You couldn’t ask for a better Acadian Groove than anything that Radio Radio can produce. Radio Radio continues to have amazing success rhyming in both our official languages and will be playing at Ritual Night Club March 4th with opening act Alex Silas. A must see show!

The Music

Radio Radio “Ej Feel Zoo” and their new single “My Dance Floor”
Try not to dance… IMPOSSIBLE!

Zero Degré Celsius “Marie-Madelon”
Gab from Radio Radio used to DJ for Zero Degré Celsius.

Joseph Edgar accompagné de Radio Radio “Espionne russe”
Joseph Edgar was the lead singer for the above mentioned Zero Degré Celsius. Full circle!!

Les Païens “Le Phare”
I’ve had the pleasure to share a stage with them many times. Their ability to improvise and write amazing music have inspired many.

Wanabi Farmeur “Blowé ma cage”
Featuring current and ex Les Paiens members, Wanabi Farmeur have a worldly sound that Mathieu D’Astous and Ginette Ahier have masterfully crafted.

Mathieu D’Astous “Derniere messagere”
Before Wanabi Farmeur, Mathieu amassed a significant number of songs under his belt. This is one of my favorites.

Michel Thériault “Rose-Marie”
I personally played a few live shows with Michel as his percussionist. Lyrically, Michel is one of our best.

Lisa LeBlanc “Kraft Dinner”
Kraft Dinner and Acadian steaks (fried baloney) makes me miss home. Lisa Leblanc makes Kraft Dinner sound appetizing with her sultry voice.

Les Hay Babies “Néguac and Back”
This song reminds me of all the little road trips we would do to see the ladies of another part of New Brunswick. All those miles for different smiles.

The Divorcees “Red Haired Red Blooded Woman”
This song is about a girl I went to school with. We both shared the ginger jokes pelted our way. The bassist of the Divorcees was one of the ones making fun of us… In the most loving way of course. #WordsHurt 😉

Hert LeBlanc “Su La Ligne A Harde”
What I do miss from home the most is the vast diversity of accents from village to village. Hard press to not hear a song like this one in each town blaring out of cars doing “ups and downs”.

Cayouche “Export A”
This larger than life hippie has been making Acadians happy for over 30 years.

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