New Music: kinda, actually, sorta (an EP) by Tossin’ Socks


Tossin’ Socks, a local banjo and guitar duo, recently released their debut five song EP,¬† kinda, actually, sorta (an EP).

The boys, Sheehan and Marc Leguerrier, play acoustic folk music heavily rooted in punk rock ideals and love. Guitarist a singer Sheehan Jordan is the lead singer of Ottawa punk trio The Tenenbaums which certainly influences the sound.

Kinda, actually, sorta (an EP) features four originals, with some really funny titles such as “Stroman Sucks” and “Chicken Noodle,” as well as a cover of 70’s rock band Half Japanese’s song “Put Some Sugar On It.”¬† Both Marc and Sheehan sing on songs and while both their voices are quite different they work well together.

I love the final song of the EP, “Die Die Die (666).” It is a prime example of the overlap in folk and punk. This song could be played super loud and fast with 3 power chords and have people slamming up against each other crashing the stage to sing a long. But it can equally be just as they played it, nice and slow with a banjo and an acoustic guitar.

Have a listen to kinda, actually, sorta (an EP) below and look forward to the day when Sheehan returns from his latest adventure in Vietnam.