Video Premiere: Eerie Loom drop summer jam “Wakened”

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Just when you thought winter 2.0 was here for good, the fresh new electronic group Eerie Loom have brought some warm weather along with their new video for “Wakened.” The band dropped a three-track EP on Bandcamp back in March, and are hitting the ground running.

While the trio is newly formed, the truth is that they are Ottawa music veterans and have all been in successful groups in the past. Jordan David was the lead singer of acclaimed group The Love Machine and organizes parties with, while Matt Gilmour was a member of the group Hamilton and currently contributes his smooth vocals to Slack Bridges. Michael Holmes was a member of the now-defunct group many Ottawans know well called The Gallop. Needless to say, they’re no strangers to music.

“The idea of Eerie Loom came about rather naturally, premised on a longstanding friendship initiated by playing shows together, but developed through a mutual respect for each other’s art,” explains David.  “We have all participated in rock bands for the longest time yet somehow, through our own ventures, discovered our pop sensibilities and an affinity for compelling electronic beats. Michael Holmes acts as our main producer, but we are all multi-instrumentalists that add our various insights, riffs, progressions, lyrics, and vibes. We have all been friends who have supported each other’s projects for over a decade, so collaboration creates both fun and familiar dynamics.”

Their music conveys emotions through electronic sounds and imagery, providing listeners with futuristic soundscapes to get lost in. The group also enlisted another friend as Creative Director, accomplished designer and artist Brendan Wilson.

“Our band has a love for sonic experimentation and sound design of all kinds, but we hope to bring a novel human element to our art as there many emotional ideas that still can be conveyed through an electronic medium,” says David. “When Brendan Wilson came on board as our Creative Director, we were thrilled. He had the idea of including images of geometry, space, and futurism blended with images of a humanity that is beautiful yet strange. The combining of visuals with our sonic aesthetic produced exciting art and fun dynamics.”

The longtime friendship between each of the members provides a strong basis for chemistry, and when you’ve made music for as long as these guys have, you know how to have fun with it. The collaborative approach to their music is evident from the first beat of “Wakened,” as the drum loops and synthesizers layer together smoothly to create delicate moments that transform into powerful hooks.

“The fundamentals of the tracks are often collaborative, but our ideas are all birthed from Michael Holmes home studio, where they are developed, recorded, and mixed into fulsome songs,” says David. “Our tracks were mastered by Philip Bova (who has mastered for Feist, Land of Talk, and Bahamas, among others). They are composed and produced using a variety of analog gear. Our project is still evolving and we are still discovering our sound, which excites us.”

As Eerie Loom experiment with new and exciting sounds, the band plans to start playing more live shows and continue to release new material. Watch the video for “Wakened” below, and stream the EP for free here.