New Music: Mountain Eyes — The Beginning

Mountain Eyes

Mountain Eyes has just released his debut full-length album aptly titled The Beginning to the world. It is the project of Ottawa native Steven Gravelle, a musician whose “earthly folk” sound is turning heads.

The Beginning is an impressive feat for a relatively new artist on the scene. It feels relaxed the whole way through, and Gravelle comes off as a songwriting veteran with a deep catalogue. The 10-track album is carefully constructed, and each track moves in and out from one another gracefully. At no point is there disjointedness or rigidity—the common thread is harmony and flow, which binds everything together.

The songs are existential in nature, asking questions about our place in the world and exploring the connections between each other. They are emotional compositions, keeping the listener engaged, but also reflective. The pensive nature of Gravelle’s songwriting is what makes his entire approach work so well, and it coalesces beautifully with The Beginning‘s wide open sound, soft reverb, delicate instrumentation.

It is impossible not to hear bits and pieces of David Bazan, Bon Iver, and Destroyer in Mountain Eyes’ music, as he incorporates electronic instrumental and vocal aspects into parts of his tracks. While this contrast might seem as though it wouldn’t work, it does… and really well. It’s the perfect soundtrack for gazing at the stars on a clear summer night, or keeping your feet warm by the fire on a chilly winter evening in our cold city. Gravelle offers his hand to listeners wandering through the dreamscape he creates. At times it is flush with warmth and beautiful imagery, but there are also haunting moments that will leave the listener with goosebumps.

The Beginning was recorded at Shoebox Recording Studio, a cozy spot that many great artists in town have chosen to work with on albums. Stream The Beginning through Spotify and Apple Music now, and watch the video for “Dreaming” below.

Don’t miss Mountain Eyes along with Common Deer and Loon Choir on February 16th at The 27 Club.