Kyle Ivan, Steph La Rochelle, and Charlie the Kid @ Live on Elgin


Ev has synesthesia, and they incorporate their sensory experiences into music reviews. Synesthesia is a condition in which the brain links a person’s senses together in a rare manner, prompting unusual sensory responses to stimuli. People with synesthesia, for example, might see a certain color in response to a certain letter of the alphabet. Those who experience synesthesia “hear colors, feel sounds, and taste shapes” in a remarkably consistent fashion.

Live on Elgin has a very different vibe from other venues I’ve been to in the past. More interactive while reserved, it held a fresh energy.

The first act to go on was Charlie the Kid – and while he did host, he put on a comedic and upbeat show. While maintaining a Beans on Toast kind of folk sound, Charlie not only told personal anecdotes but created a youthful vibe. He painted the scene with chalky oranges and vivid mustard yellows. His voice, though unclean, created a wash of yellow-green – almost a pear colour. The higher notes painted peachy streaks through the air. His performance was vivacious and lively, not having missed a beat.

The guitar he played was light and airy – an acoustic performance polished but holding an authentic vibe. It held a hollow sound, a little dissonant at times, but bright. At times Charlie the Kid played choked chords that slowly transitioned to ones that hung in the air. His technique added splashes of rusty red to the yellow atmosphere. The occasional blue snuck its way in with the license plates he used as a makeshift drum.

Steph La Rochelle performing at LIVE on Elgin in Ottawa, ON.

Next up was Steph La Rochelle, a pop singer whose music borders on country. Her soft and melodic voice sent waves of serenity through the audience and painted the scene soft pinks and peachy oranges. It carried and had a hard edge despite how mellow it was. The covers she performed were outstanding with the way she controlled her vocals – high notes with a gentle vibrato, and drawn out lyrics. Her originals came directly from the heart and you saw it painted on her face.

Her guitar playing combined alternative picking and strumming of airy chords. It was bright and metallic, the steel strings truly emphasized throughout. Tapping the wooden surface of the guitar for a drum-like sound added earthy reds to the atmosphere that Steph painted with her voice. Beautiful, mellow, and calm, her performance took you away with her.

Headlining the show was Kyle Ivan joined on stage with a band. High energy and loose fun, there wasn’t a moment where he didn’t seem to be having a good time. He immersed the audience in his performance while creating a space where people were free to dance as wildly as Peanuts characters. His voice was smooth and the harmonizations he created with the bassist were riveting. The vocal range Kyle holds is impressive in itself, tainting the atmosphere a wide range of blue-greens and electric orange.

While Kyle played an acoustic guitar and the melodies created started mellow and slowly built up, the bass added a depth that wouldn’t be achievable otherwise. It added bold reds to the otherwise slightly colder atmosphere. To add to the bold colours, the drums came in with warm toms and cold cymbals, taking over the soundscape. The drummer and bassist only added to the performance with their evident enthusiasm.

If you’re ever in need of a good time with performers who will crack you up, you can always rely on these guys. They have a way with the crowd and a knack for humour that you won’t want to miss out on. Not only are they humourous but they woo the crowd with their amazing tunes and unique voices.