On Saturday night, the place to be was The 27 Club.  The lineup was stacked, the crowd was pumped, and it was a nice and balmy 10 degrees on an early April night. What more could Ottawa ask for?

Worlds Greatest Dad opened the night with a bang.  The Atlanta-based quartet started off strong with the crowd bopping along to every song.  The entire set was filled with energy and was a perfect reflection of their first LP, Get Well Soon. The set really came to life when they started to play Asshole Song, the crowd fed off the band’s energy and threw their hands up, chanting along as the band riffed their way through the song.  Singer and guitarist, Maddie Duncan, gave a much-welcomed shout out to her dog, Mogis, just before she belted out A Song for Mogis.  This song was the highlight of my night, as I’m sure we can all relate to any tune about our furry companions.  All and all, Worlds Greatest Dad is a must hear band who put on a great show.  They undeniably set the tone for the night and got the crowd ready for some amazing music ahead. It was their first tour in Canada, and I know I am not alone in saying that I sincerely hope it is not their last!

Next, Free Throw took the stage.  The Nashville 5-piece who had just put out their third full length LP, What’s Past is Prologue, on March 29th, had the crowd on edge and anticipating a show filled with new music.  The crowd pushed up closer to the stage as frontman Cory Castro started belting The Corner’s Dilemma.  A mosh-pit was quickly formed, wasting no time—bodies jumped, pushed, and screamed out the lyrics in unison, infecting the room with energy and excitement.  Their guitar riffs were tight as the band played flawlessly to an Ottawa crowd that has welcomed them back time and time again with open arms.  The drum beats resonated through The 27 Club and kept the crowd jumping continuously until the end of their set, culminating it with the fan favourite, Two Beers in.  Again, Free Throw has shown Ottawa that they never fail to put on a show that leaves the crowd pumped up, sweaty, and wanting just one more song.

Finally, it was time for the headliner.  Tiny Moving Parts, from Benson, Minnesota, made their way to the stage and the excitement in the crowd was palpable.  They opened their set up with a song from their newest release, For the Sake of Brevity. Unbelievably, the crowd seemed to gather even more energy with arms stretched, reaching towards the band, yelling out lyrics along with lead vocalist and guitarist Dylan Mattheisen. Mattheisen tore through every riff with perfect execution and left the crowd aw-struck that the band’s larger than life sound came from just a three-piece-band.  They played with a transcendent energy that the crowd fed right back.  

William Chevalier pounded his drum kit under the neon lights that read out “The Parts,” as the mosh pit raged on honouring the sheer musical talent that was on stage.  Bassist Matthew Chevalier complimented the energy in the room and made sure the crowd knew it was going to be a show to remember.  Overall, Tiny Moving Parts, deserves unwavering recognition for their flawless guitar riffs that astoundingly come from one guitar and some how sound like three.  Their performance genuinely sounded even more crisp and impressive in real life than anyone could ever imagine.  They brought their set to a close with their two fan favourites, Applause and Caution from their latest LP, Swell. If you can, see Tiny Moving Parts live. They bring a whole new dimension to their music with their stage presence and demonstration of their pure musical talent.  They will leave your ears ringing, your adrenaline running, and give you a new appreciation for their music.