Ottawa’s husband and wife bilingual folk duo Moonfruits are back with a video for their new single “Seven Billion,” that will have you finger snapping and toe tapping along.

The video, shot by Andrew Robillard, is a beautiful behind-the-scenes look at the band laying down the track at Bungalove Studio during the summer of 2018. The group generally tours and performs as a duo, so it is fun to see them accompanied by other musicians in the very charming cottage studio as they record the song under the watchful eye of the producer.

While the music and the voices are lovely, the song isn’t about pleasantries at all. “In honour of May Day / International Workers’ Day, [“Seven Billion”] celebrates the power of the billions of us who aren’t billionaires,” said Kaitlin Milroy, one half of Moonfruits. “It’s an earnest ode delivered with tongue firmly in cheek.”

With a chorus of “We’re seven billion people strong…We all do well when we all do well” and lyrics such as “It’s all for a handful of men, Who pick the public pocket and wink like we’re friends,” you quickly get the idea of this rather peaceful protest song.

Catch the band live this Saturday May 4th at the Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre in Van Kleek Hill, at Bluesfest in Ottawa on July 7th and various stops in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in between (tour details here).