Malak Sound are back with “Visa,” their first official release in over a year and three years since their debut EP Circus.

“Visa” tackles an issue that is ever present in our current social climate, that equal opportunity is still something marginalized communities are struggling to access.

“I wrote Visa about being denied opportunities based on your background instead of on merit, and how certain gatekeepers perpetuate this by claiming you’re not qualified,” Malak explains. “But in fact, where I come from is the only difference between us.”

The video, which was done by Andrew Robillard, finds a very effective way to demonstrate Malak’s message of blockades and gatekeepers by blending the imagery and comedy of old Popeye clips with text overlayed and Malak passionately signing the song as she walks around Ottawa.

The track itself is a little more on the electronic side than some of Malak’s past work, but one thing is certain her masterful voice still shines as the most powerful instrument at their disposition. “Visa” will appear one her upcoming full-length album, The Neighbor, which she is currently recording at Watson World Studio. Check out the video below and keep your eyes peeled for live shows and new tracks coming your way.