New Music: “Wrath of the Void” by Black Galaxy

wrath of the void

Ottawa heavy-metal four piece Black Galaxy recently released an intergalactic metal odyssey of a debut album, Wrath of the Void.

While I’m admittedly not the biggest metal listener or aficionado, I can say with certainty that this album is a rocking trip which finds the band interspersing classic heavy-metal elements with good ol’ rock n’ roll and some sludgier elements which calls to the hardcore fan within me. This should be no surprise to fans of the members’ former bands HELLbros!, Suns of Stone and The Wicked Mercy.

What I really appreciate about¬†Wrath of the Void is that the songs do not revolve purely around guitar solos, but worry not they do sprinkle a few throughout the album. The song are more focused on slick heavy guitar riffs, a powerful rhythm sections, the occasional breakdown and the great combination of thematic lyrics wrapped up by lead singer Jimmy King’s classic metal vocal.

Favourites of mine are their first single “Death Monster” (for which they made a sweet music video), “Space Queen,” and “Hunt of the Witch.” I’m drawn to their more raw rocking musical elements which remind me of the perfect crossover between metal and hardcore, that just make you want to headbang and throw up your devil horns.

Your next chance to catch Black Galaxy live is in the center of the galaxy, better known as Toronto, as they support Villain, Cellphone and Answer with Metal at the Bovine Sex Club July 19th. In the meantime put on your spacesuit, brush up on the dark arts and have a listen to Wrath of the Void below.