Track Premiere: Mark ii – “On My Mind”


Photo by Brandon Turner

Mark ii‘s new track “On My Mind” is a perfect tune for the summer. The bright and uplifting staccato synth rhythm that is sprinkled over the song is tempered by the underlying deeper bass tones. Mark Howell’s vocals provide a calming and relaxing touch to the song’s overall feel, rounding out the electro-pop aesthetic of the track.

“On My Mind’ seeks to understand the uncertain and precarious nature of a romance that wont settle,” says Howells.

We had the pleasure of working with Mark ii at our last big Showbox Concert Series event, the 90’s Spring Fling back in May. Needless to say, people in the crowd couldn’t resist dancing and moving their bodies throughout their set due to the irresistible catchiness of their music. The group is quickly garnering notoriety for their energetic and explosive live performances as well as their songwriting. “On My Mind” is one of several singles the band has released since 2018’s technicolour EP.

Have a listen to the track below, or follow this link to connect over Spotify.