New Video: “Wake Up Boy” by Taming Sari


Local rockers Taming Sari just released a post-apocalyptic video for the second single, “Wake Up Boy,” off of their upcoming album Thirsty from the Drought, scheduled for a September 2019 release.

The video, directed by Dominic Llanos at K Collective, has a very Mad Max feel to it. It begin with the lead singer, Warren Meredith, awake in a wrecked car in an abandoned field—very reminiscent of something you would see at paintball—and immediately begins being chased by one of the guitarists on a motorcycle. Not sure why he is being hunted, but after one quick look at their outfits and the scenery, you stop asking questions and start cheering for him to escape alive.

The action in “Wake Up Boy” continues as Meredith finds bass player Alex Pellerin while running away and they flee together. While running for their lives they stumble across what appears to be an abandoned school bus. They are not as lucky as Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild however as inside the bus is an axe wielding guitarist Danny Seguin Brunette who isn’t particularly happy to see them. Fear not, as the song slows building suspense, our heroes finally meet up with drummer Adam Wellet and everything finally seems to be be on the up and up. But just as you begin to feel comfortable and your hopes rise, the song crescendos with a guitar solo, and there is quite the twist ending.

I’m not one for spoilers, so you’ll just have to watch the video for the rocking “Wake Up Boy” below and catch Taming Sari live at their next Ottawa show, Monday, July 22 at CafĂ© Dekcuf or on their summer tour where they will be making stops in Oshawa, ON @ The Atria, Westmeath, ON @ White Water Rocks, Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern and Edmundston, NB @ City Festival.