New Video: Save Me by Paragon Cause


Ottawa’s indie-electronica duo, Paragon Cause, recently released a dark and mysterious video for their latest single “Save Me.”

The excellent video is full of vivid colours and overlays, while switching between the band jamming out the song and the story of a woman who appears to be struggling in a relationship with her partner and children…all wearing rather creepy masks.

While the video for “Save Me”  is pretty dark, the song is equally heavy from a lyrical point of view, as lead singer/keyboardist Michelle Opthof explained. “It’s about people exerting control because they think they’re better, that they’re superior to someone else. It’s two ideas: the religious side of things says you can save them all but at the same time we look at it saying you actually cannot save them all, meaning you cannot save them from themselves. And for myself I grew up in an environment governed by a very strict church, that has its own school system and completely controls everyone’s lives, including what they are to think and believe.”

“In our own history the Europeans came here and thought they could control and convert all the indigenous people and how they thought they were so much better. But there’s another, deeper layer to the song where I came to the conclusion that you can’t save everyone, you can’t win every battle, and that for your own peace of mind, to avoid being overwhelmed and despairing, sometimes you have to just admit that you can’t save them all,” said Michelle.

Paragon Cause is gearing up to release their latest EP, Lies Between Us on September 13, 2019. It is the first of what will be a series of releases leading up to a full-length album, expected in 2020. The EP, and the majority of the forthcoming album, were produced by one of their musical heroes – Sune Rose Wagner of Danish pop/alternative legends The Raveonettes.

Check out the video for “Save Me” below and really sink your teeth into the music, lyrics and visuals… you may need to watch it a few times. I know I did. Then go see them live on September 20th when they celebrate the release of their new EP Lies Between Us, details here.