Iron Chic from Long Island, New York rolled into town at The 27 Club on their tour with Philadelphia’s Big Nothing, and local favourites Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish opened things up.

For those who haven’t yet take the time to enjoy the wonder that is Iron Chic‘s cerebral, honest and emotional punk rock I strongly recommend you change that as soon as possible. Lead singer Jason Lubrano wear’s his heart on his sleeve and in every song he sings, which is only magnified by the powerful gang vocals that just seem to always hit at the right time. And in case that combined with the infectious punk rock music wasn’t enough, Lubrano rocks some pretty sweet flowing lock, which on this night he contained with a sweatband, which seemed so appropriate given tennis was playing on the TV in the back of the bar. Oh and to top it all off he had a great Empire Strikes Back shirt. Iron Chic didn’t shy away from playing music from all over their catalog, featuring some of my favourites like “My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist)”, “A Headache With Pictures” and “To Shreds, You Say?”.

Iron Chic rocking it at The 27 Club in Ottawa, ON. Photo by Aidan Thatcher

It is always very emotional for myself and much of the Ottawa music community when Iron Chic comes to town. They were our beloved Jean-Sebastien “JS” Beleau’s favourite non-local band, and you just can’t help but imagine him at the front signing along to every song and twisting his mustache above his glowing smile. For much of the show the crowd was just singing and bobbing up and down, but then in true JS  fashion someone politely started a pit, which then grew, and grew and really took off. It was lovely to see. 

Big Nothing performing at The 27 Club in Ottawa, ON. Photo by Aidan Thatcher.

Before Iron Chic was Philadelphia’s four-piece Big Nothing who I have clearly been sleeping on for too long. Their blend of melodic punk rock and use of three vocalists had me hooked from the first song. They had a great balance of nice soft tracks to make you sway side to side and then would pick it up with very pogo worthy tracks. It was their first time in Ottawa and they mentioned “we love Ottawa, everyone is so nice. We tour a lot and we are like Cleveland again…all this cement and stuff. Ottawa is beautiful, really reminds me how lucky we are to tour.”

Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish kicking things off at The 27 Club in Ottawa, ON. Photo by Aidan Thatcher.

Opening the show was Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish from Ottawa. What can I say about these guys that I haven’t said before. They are some of the nicest and sweetest lads in the business who happen to also make some pretty great and catchy tunes. On this night they had something special in store for us. The band played a bunch of new tracks, which Creeden said is one side of their upcoming record. That’s right folks, new music is coming! The new tracks are most excellent and really encourage you to see them play as soon as you can to take them in while they develop them.