Rapid Fire with Berlin’s Laura Carbone

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We caught up last minute with Berlin, Germany’s Laura Carbone before her show at Black Squirrel Books & Espresso tonight. She’s on the heels of releasing her sophomore album Empty Sea, which came out last summer to much acclaim. She completed her first US tour in March of this year, making pit stops in Austin for SXSW, as well as dates with The Jesus And Mary Chain, INVSN and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Empty Sea is a dark pop trip, and will leave audiences wanting more. Get to know her a bit better by reading below, and be sure to head to Black Squirrel to catch her before she hits up POP Montreal. She will be supported by locals Crystalena and Adam Ferris.

Your sophomore album Empty Sea came out in 2018, and it transcends any one sound or genre. Can you talk about how you approached this album in terms of how you put the collection of songs together?

I didn’t think about fitting into a genre while writing the songs. I channeled whatever felt right in this very moment and soundtracked my visions. I selected the songs that felt natural and that were the most meaningful to me.

It’s not always common to see German artists such as yourself going on cross-continental tours. What has your experience been like touring abroad? Any favourite spots?

Well, it’s been a ride and an experience that I didn’t want to miss. It taught me a lot about different cultures, values and priorities. I enjoyed listening to people telling me about their very own world they are living in a different spot in the world and I try to understand and reflect on why some things are the way they are.

I love California and its rich, warm and vibrant nature. You always see the sky and the palms that are popping into your view which to me is a gentle way to look above.

I also had some sort of fear of missing out when traveling through Arizona – I was so tired but didn’t want to fall asleep and miss out on soaking up the beautiful landscape and nature that was surrounding our roads.What do you try and communicate to your audiences when performing? Is there one thing that you always hope people get from your shows?

I hope that people dream away during the performance. They should have a 60 minute break from life and sorrows and inhale our sounds and leave the space charged and relieved.

Can you talk about your upbringing with music? What challenges and/or advantages do you think being from Germany posed to you as an artist?

Being from Germany means you do have a passport that helps crossing some borders easier. It’s an advantage, but I absolutely hate the fact other people are more conflicted with visas than I am – just because of a passport.

Germany is highly supportive of culture and I am in a very lucky situation of having an organization called Initiative Musik supporting my work and art which helps makes things more do-able.

Germany can also be very blocked and negative in their mindset though – a lot of people told me I won’t be able to play shows in the US as an indie artist. I’m happy I proved them wrong.

Which artists from past or present do you listen to in order to draw inspiration from when your creative energy runs out?

When my creative energy runs out I go into nature or to sleep and charge my total body/mind batteries.

If I want to be inspired with music I listen to Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave, Anna Calvi, Sam Cooke, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Mary Chain or just Tim Buckley.

Last Question. What album or artist are you listening to most these days?

The new Lana del Rey record – Norman Fucking Roswell.